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Knowledge Management meets SEMANTiCS II

Semantic Technology in KM applications – common learnings from various projects

In this seminar we discuss the benefits concept-based computing (aka semantic software technology) adds to knowledge management solutions. Christoph Schmidt will present and discuss a couple of case studies for semantic-based knowledge management solutions in various fields from legal domain, the financial services industry to HR services. He will share with the audience his common learnings across dozens of projects regarding the role of technology, people and processes.



moresophy GmbH, founded in 2001, offers software applications for analyzing and structuring big amounts of data and information.


moresophy supports publishers, editors, marketeers and other users in information-intense areas in searching, organizing and discovering relevant information.


With the L4 Suite provides services and applications for researching, structuring and delivering content to give you the decisive edge in dealing with the ever increasing information flood and rising competitive environments.


Leading German publishers, e.g., Haufe Lexware, the Klett Group or WEKA rely on moresophy software and their competence for design of semantic information architectures. Other clients in the field of enterprise intelligence and e-Business include the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces), Deutsche Telekom, Helvetia Insurances, IIL New York or GULP Recruiting Services.

Christoph Schmidt

Dr. Christoph Schmidt is Co-Founder and CTO of moresophy. There he is responsible for software technology and product development.

As a theoretical physicist he has a profound education and career as a data scientist. He owns more than 20 years of expertise in building industrial software solutions for clients in the area of knowledge management, publishing and digital marketing



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