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Hosted by GfWM

The GfWM (Gesellschaft für Wissensmanagement) hosts and facilitates one track at SEMANTICS 2014. As a specialty to this conference, every session focuses on one presentation and topic only. We will apply a mix of KM methods around this to create a more interactive learning & understanding environment for you to best benefit from the session.

The SEMANTICS 2014 motto “Transfer, Engineering & Community” cries for collaboration between semantic scientists & technologists on one hand, and, technology & knowledge transfer professionals on the other. Thus the Gesellschaft für Wissensmanagement e.V. (GfWM), the German-speaking Knowledge Management Association, partners with this year’s SEMANTICS to enrich the conference portfolio and procedures.


Knowledge Management (KM) and Semantic (Technologies) have a two-fold relation:

Knowledge Management relies on applying semantic (technologies) when it comes to tackling explicit, documented knowledge. In this, knowledge managers are customers to those providing best in class semantic technologies.


Learning & understanding the latest developments in semantics, e.g. during this conference, relies on applying Knowledge Management methods with a focus on informally and verbally exchanging a mix of implicit and explicit knowledge. In this, semantics professionals refer to knowledge managers for improving their knowledge transfer and learning experience.


We also illustrate the flip side of the KM-Semantics coin by hosting some sessions on “KM uses semantic technologies” topics. Members from our KM community will present their applications of semantic technologies.


The introductory session will create a joint understanding, how semantics and knowledge management fit together. It will give you some more background on our driving force, our methods and tools – of course in a vivid mix of discourse, talk and listening. We are looking forward to making best use of the experience assembled, triggering the convergence of the Semantic and the KM communities.

You are welcome to listening, talking, working with us in session and track “Knowledge Management meets SEMANTICS”.


Developed by Ute John und Dirk Liesch

04.09, 2014

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