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IntraFind Software AG provides products and solutions for an efficient search and research process in order to find and analyze structured and unstructured information under consideration of all available data sources of a company. Full-text search and the full range of text analytics methods guarantee optimal and complete search results.


The main obstacle for a widespread use of semantic technologies is that semantic data is missing in many areas. This is where IntraFind technology comes into play. IntraFind offers products for semantically enriching documents based on linguistic, statistic and semantic modules. Since IntraFind has a strong focus on user-friendly high-performance scalable full-text search and Search Based Applications, the company uses these modules to deliver more relevant search results, semantic context-sensitive search, navigation, guided search and faceting for its Enterprise Search customers.


However, IntraFind’s modules for semantic enrichment of documents are also often used outside the traditional search business, e.g. for automatically tagging documents in content management systems of editorial departments.


IntraFind Software AG was founded in 2000 and has its main office in Munich, Germany. Renowned IntraFind clients include: AUDI AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, MAN Truck & Bus AG, Voith GmbH, Wolters Kluwer Deutschland GmbH, ZEIT ONLINE GmbH.



Products of this Sponsor

iFinder Enterprise Search Tagging Service TopicFinder

finds information throughout the company considering all available data sources



automatically generates metadata to link and connect information in an intelligent way



provides context information of documents through topic recognition and document analysis



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Meet this Sponsor at SEMANTiCS 2014

  • At the IntraFind booth in the exhibition area
  • At our talks:
    • Christian Dirschl, Wolters Kluwer Deutschland GmbH & Manuel Brunner, IntraFind Software AG: “Judicial knowledge platform JURION – Wolters Kluwer‘s way into a digital future”
    • Breno Faria, IntraFind Software AG: “High-quality semantic metadata with little effort – a utopia?



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