The workshops for SEMANTiCS 2014 will be held before the conference programme. All workshops are located at University of Leipzig's Paulinum from September 1 to September 3.


Note: All workshops are free and there is no cost for attending. Free registration is mandatory as space is very limited. Please register as soon as possible. We recommend attending SEMANTiCS main conference as well.


Date Title Hosts Room Room Website
  ________________________________ ____________ 09:00 - 12:30 14:00 - 17:30  
01.09.2014 Knowledge Organization and the Semantic Web Jahrestagung der Deutschen ISKO e.V. Ernest de Luca (FH Potsdam)
Christian Wartena (HS Hannover)
yes yes Website
01.09.2014 Link Discovery of the Web of Data (Organized by GeoKnow & LinkingLOD) Axel Ngonga (Uni Leipzig) yes - Website
01.09.2014 GeoLD - Geospatial Linked Data (organised by the GeoKnow Project) Jens Lehmann (Uni Leipzig)
Daniel Hladky (Ontos)
Andreas Both (Unister)
yes yes Website
01.09.2014 MLODE 2014 - Content Analysis and the Semantic Web, a LIDER Hackathon Bettina Klimek (Uni Leipzig), Philipp Cimiano (Uni Bielefeld) yes yes Website
02.09.2014 MLODE 2014 - Mulitlingual Linked Open Data for Enterprises, LIDER Roadmapping workshop Bettina Klimek (Uni Leipzig), Philipp Cimiano (Uni Bielefeld) yes yes Website
02.09.2014 MLODE 2014 - Community meetings and break-out sessions Bettina Klimek (Uni Leipzig), Philipp Cimiano (Uni Bielefeld) - yes Website
02.09.2014 Linked Open Data: Improving SME Competitiveness and Generating New Value Dr. Sotiris Th. Koussouris (, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)) yes - Website
02.09.2014 Linked Data Quality (LDQ) Magnus Knuth, Harald Sack (HPI Potsdam)
Dimitris Kontokostas (Uni Leipzig)
- yes Website
03.09.2014 DBpedia - 2nd DBpedia Community Meeting Adrian Paschke (FU Berlin)
Harald Sack (HPI Potsdam)
Sebastian Hellmann (Uni Lepizig)
yes yes Website

04.09, 2014

Vocabulary Carnival

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