Virtuoso, The Prometheus of RDF

Program Manager at OpenLink Software

Orri Erling


is program manager for the Virtuoso Hybrid (SQL Tables & RDF Relational Property Graphs) RDBMS, at OpenLink Software. His extensive experience includes database engine design, query optimization, transaction processing, and scalability. As is known to most in the Linked Open Data (LOD) & Semantic Web communities, Virtuoso is core technology that underlies DBpedia, Linked Open Data cache, and a majority of data spaces that constitute the Linked Open data cloud.



Keynote September 4, 2014

Virtuoso, The Prometheus of RDF


The promises of semantic technology, from schema flexibility to unambiguous identifiers, have been overshadowed by considerations of performance and scalability for their whole history. This talk outlines how Virtuoso brings the fire from Mount Database to vitalize the RDF movement. The first part of this is excelling in leading edge database, including being even with or ahead of the leading relational analytics engines in their own domain. The second part of this is adapting the technology to accommodate the special cases that give RDF its flexibility. What is a certainty in in a relational schema is a high probability in RDF. Quite often, RDF serves as a means of integration between relational or other data sources with a schema. If data is big, it is also regular. Thus, the scalability question is about how to exploit the best in schema-first high end databases without locking one into a silo with a schema.


In the second part of the talk, we explore use cases in bio-informatics, publishing and business intelligence to demonstrate how RDF brings fast time to solution without compromise in performance.


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